Valeria Orsini. Now that’s a BOUNTIFUL find

The queen of racy pics will set your heart beat racing

We can have winters in summers if this sizzling hot beauty comes out in a swimsuit – all Bond girl style from the shimmering waters. Sexy is the word that comes to mind when you feast your eyes on her saucy shots that are strewn around the internet like pieces of bait. You can’t escape the bait.

Valeria is an internationally published swimsuit model and a lingerie model who moved on to the fitness world. Her love for fitness started with boxing. Her videos and fitness tips help scores of people to get into shape. She has become one of the top fitness influencers in the world.

Valeria Orsini. Will make you lose weight and your mind.


She also gives workout and dieting advice. We are all ears not matter what advice she gives!

Valeria’s mom is a Colombian while her father is Italian and Puerto Rican. Now this is a mix that can’t go wrong. When your DNA is this gorgeous, what else do you expect?

Keep the mercury rising and keep those pictures coming

She has more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram. We don’t know how many more she has in other galaxies! With a figure like this, you have to follow her.

She was featured in the music video for “White Girl” by Trina Ft. Flo Rida and Git Fresh.

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